The rise of the internet and endless websites and software has led to an increase in demand for web and software development. Naturally, this means that modern approaches and more effective solutions are needed in the IT industry. Florida is one of the states with the highest concentration of software companies, thus there is a high concentration of web and software developers in Florida. Let’s look at one of the most widely used programming languages available today – Python.

What is Python?

Python is an old programming language developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. This high-level language forms the basis for many web frameworks. Python has easier syntax than many other programming languages like C++ or Java, hence the codes usually contain fewer steps. Python increased in popularity around the 2000’s when Python 2.0 was released, and one of its major features was the complete Unicode support.

Python is unlike most other programming languages in that it is a full stack language regardless of web development. The support and libraries make it an excellent choice for IoT, mobile app, web app, AI, data science and other projects. Python makes the programming of desktop tools and automation tasks simple, relatively speaking.

Python comes with a strict layout and it is usually obvious to the programmer. Python has three core principles which include:

  • Simple over complex
  • Explicit is preferred to implicit
  • Complex is better than complicated

The explicit nature of the code structure allows programmers to easily decipher the origins of almost everything, making debugging and learning straightforward. Readability is another quality that Python has, which is why it is a great language of choice for beginners or for specialists that are trying to learn a new language.

Numerous companies today have adopted Python for the development of their various projects. For instance, Instagram, one of the most popular social networks today, uses Python 3. The popularity and simplicity of Python are what attracted Instagram to the language. Suffice to say, Python is friendly to engineers, which allows them the capacity to focus their attention on user-facing features.

Amazon is another multi-billion-dollar company that has adopted Python. Amazon analyzes customer search patterns and habits, so they decided to use the Python machine learning engine alongside the company’s database Hadoop.

NASA also uses Python for the maintenance of extensive databases, making the language an ideal fit.

Features of Python

Being one of the most popular programming languages around today, Python has some features that have endeared developers to it. Large companies prefer Python because it involves functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming.

Some of the features of Python include:

  1. Numerous Functions
    The majority of the basic functions are initially in the libraries and can be used in most programming tasks. Python saves a lot of effort and time by offering solutions for images and inter processing, scientific computing, and more.
  2. Free
    Python is an open-source programming language, so it comes at a significantly reduced cost. Python is currently free and fortunately for us, this amazing language will continue to offer a free package.
  3. Speed and Productivity
    Python offers a considerable level of speed and productivity through opportunities for strong integration, technical process management, and object-oriented design. Python is an excellent option for multi-protocol web applications.
  4. Sustain Variable
    Unlike what you see in most other programming languages, Python doesn’t need variable descriptions. The variables are created during the initialization process, which is at the very first assignment of a meaning to that variable. The type of variable used is determined by the attributed meaning.
  5. Specific Structures
    The built-in structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples are distinct to Python. Tuple can be referred to as a “list-constant.” It has uneven elements but it is quite massive. The elements on a list may not be of the same type and they may even be random. Dictionaries are created by confining the elements in a square bracket and separating the elements with a comma.

Hiring Python developers in Florida

Python is an excellent programming language option for use in 2018 because of its flexibility and simplicity. Also, it is easy and reliable, and you can acquire it at little or no cost. For a company based in Florida with the high level of competition from the various other tech and software companies, Python is a good way to put yourself ahead of the competition, as it will help simplify your tasks, thereby saving you cost and time without compromising on efficiency. If you are looking for a Python developer team for your company, then contact us — we can help you with putting a team together.