The demand for talented developers has never been higher, thanks to ever-increasing number of online businesses around today. There are actually thousands of developers available today for hire, but getting a high-quality developer can be costly, challenging, and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, though, the high number of available developers doesn’t easily translate into getting a qualified and experienced developer that can handle the high demands of a top company. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker though — you just need to figure out how to find the good ones. Obviously, the location you hire from can also affect the quality of developers you find.

Outsourcing for IT talent is an excellent strategy for any business, as it gives you the opportunity to get top-quality developers at a competitive cost. You can hire developers from different places around the world, and smart companies are now taking advantage of this opportunity.

Some countries that are great spots for outsourcing include India, China, and the US. If your business in based in the US, it’s an obvious choice because of the proliferation of skilled IT personnel in the country, and Florida is one of the top states for outsourcing IT jobs in America.

Outsourcing in Florida

Florida is one of the best locations for outsourcing IT services in the US, partly due to the rapid increase in the volume of tech companies over the last several years. Some of the top tech companies that have contributed to Florida being a potential outsourcing location are Citrix, Magic Leap, DataCore, and Ultimate Software. With a population of more than 20 million people, there is a large labor market in the state.

When it comes to the software industry in the US, few places are as good as Florida. There are over 14,000 firms in Florida employing over 84,000 professionals, with major areas being finance, security, medical, and gaming. The digital media industry is also pretty impressive with over 4,000 companies employing about 11,000 people in Florida. All of these are evidence of the potential in the state and the availability of a large labor market.

Cities with the best IT potential

There are numerous IT companies in Florida that spread across various cities throughout the state. Ranking the cities according to their number of IT companies, the top cities in Florida are Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. These cities are also some of the most populated areas in Florida, so apart from the high number of available IT companies, there is also enough IT personnel in the cities. Some even believe that the number of IT companies in the area directly affects the population.

Are you our neighbours in Florida? Hire developers with us!

Florida is definitely an excellent choice for companies looking to hire remote developers. It is home to countless IT companies and a large labor market that offers many skilled and experienced IT professionals. Although you have endless options, getting a good developer is still a challenge. That is where we come in — with our assistance, you can be connected with a top quality software developer in no time!