The question “should we outsource software development or not?” now comes up often because of the various opportunities offered by the proliferation of cloud technologies, the various team management tools available and the fierce competition for top talents in the technology industry. All you have to do is plan the project, choose a contractor with enough dexterity to handle the project and then move towards achieving your goals. The survey illustrated below was carried out by Deloitte and it indicates that more companies are seeking outsourcing agreements every day.

The problem that many companies face is in deciding on the best location to outsource to. As resources are limited, you need to ensure that you get a contractor that is ideal for your specific business.

Florida is a great place for outsourcing software development problems because of the abundance of software developing companies as well as skilled personnel in the software sphere. We’ve decided to share out observations and thoughts based on research and experience we have gathered in dealing with IT businesses in Florida.

Why Florida?

Florida is one of the biggest states in the US with some high profile cities like Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and so on. The primary driver of Florida being a good software development outsourcing location is because it boasts one of the largest computer and software industries in the US.

A 2016 Cyberstates report carried out by CompTIA, a nonprofit IT organization provided an analysis of the tech job market in the US. They indicated in the report that the tech industry in Florida ranked fourth in the whole nation. The report also indicated that Florida saw employment growth in the tech sector that year. All these reiterate the growth of the IT industry in Florida and the fact that outsourcing to Florida is an excellent business strategy.

The pricing for hiring outsourcing companies in Florida may differ depending on location. The price for a company located in Miami will be different from a company in Tampa. Other factors that may affect the price include the set of skills of a specific professional or the size of the company.

Attracting Top Engineers and fitting your budget

It is essential for any startup to attract the best possible specialists. Unfortunately, though, most startups can’t boast the level of financial resources that allows for staffing their crew with high profile permanent IT staffs. Hence, the need to outsource to a place like Florida.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your software development to Florida

1. Excellent quality of work. Software development is an intellectual work, which requires personnel with high intellects and a high level of education. If you are willing to offer a competitive pay, then you can be sure of getting a wide choice of candidates and teams for your project.

2. Acceptable Time Difference. One issue that often comes up with outsourcing to different parts of the world is the different time zones. Any American company outsourcing to a far location will have to deal with communicating and dealing with developers in a city with a big difference in time zone.

3. Cultural Proximity. Communication is often aided by similarities in cultural traits. The more traits people have in common, the easier communication is. Florida is definitely at the center of the western culture, so any company outsourcing from anywhere in the US will find it easy to outsource to Florida.

4. Protection of intellectual property. This is also something you don’t have to worry about with outsourcing to Florida. You can also be sure of commitment to business approaches.

There are many IT companies in Florida that you can outsource your software development to. If you are finding it difficult to get an outsourcing company in Florida that best fits your business, then you can contact us and we can help you in making a more educated decision.