We implemented a VPN client that establishes a VPN connection with a device (router), provided and maintained by the owner of this software. It’s designed for the virtual private connection between a user’s computer and router, which can be configured to give access to other subnets.

This VPN client was developed to make people’s lives more convenient and secure due to the special features available for all modern PC users.

It’s an autonomous application that includes all the necessary components for the functioning and setting of the VPN connections (as we know, for establishment of the VPN connection, it’s necessary to use a “set” of the different applications, and drivers. Our VPN client makes all these things in automatic mode).

Moreover, this VPN client supports a VPN connection tunneling, using Stunnel which performs an additional encryption through SSL, thereby providing the enhanced security connection.


Development of VPN Client

Tools & Technologies

  • Qt5.7.0
  • Qt5.4.0
  • C++