Is a cryptocurrency exchanger of the new generation that allows hyper-quick transactions with a high degree of convenience for its users. It offers lucrative exchange rate pricing deals along with exclusive special offers for long-term members. These include the referral and affiliate programs that grant attractive discounts. We took responsibility of the entire technical side of the project as well as the major marketing and UX/UI decisions that have shaped the platform as way we know it today.
In order to succeed, we have had to excel at everything that they do and go beyond that. This meant going the extra mile at marketing, designs, reliability and, of course, the profitable conditions offered to our users.
In terms of technical inner workings, our main challenge was to ensure the security of the platform. With a great deal of legal uncertainty that still is present in the world cryptocurrency, the safety of monetary transfers and exchange remain extremely sensitive. Our developers needed to come up with highly efficient ways to synchronize data between multiple backend applications and protect the transferred information from malicious tampering.



Tools & Technologies

  • C#
  • ASP.NET Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • Vanilla JS
  • React
  • ES6