The world today is greatly affected by the internet and all the resulting innovations. Web and application development have also seen a rapid increase. JavaScript frameworks are very essential to the development of web applications nowadays, which has resulted in an increase in the number of JavaScript platforms available on today. The proliferation of the JavaScript platforms makes picking out the right one for you a bit difficult.

Taking Florida as a case study, web development in Florida has been on the rise because of the proliferation of the software and computer systems industry in the state. According to statistics by EnterpriseFlorida, Florida boasts one of the US’ largest computer systems and software industries with over 84,000 jobs created by over 14,000 firms. According to Governor Rick Scott, Beast Code LLC, a software engineering company has created about 40 new jobs for the people of Florida. This further reiterates the fact that web development has been increasing rapidly in Florida.

According to a survey carried out by StackOverflow, Javascript is the most popular language among developers. Usability and ease of access are the two primary determinants of how people select their JavaScript platform. So, let’s check out the popular JavaScript frameworks available in 2019.

2019 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks


Meteor.JS is the go-to framework for front-end and back-end development. No wonder it is one of the most preferred JavaScript Framework among web application developers. Another significant selling point is the transparency and flexibility offered, and the platform is open source. With Meteor.JS, you can develop applications swiftly because the platform helps produce cross.platform codes. Meteor.JS also has some custom packages that allow you some creative freedom.


React.JS is a framework created by Facebook, and it is majorly used for developing eye-catchy user interfaces. React.JS removes the need for performing frequent DOM operations, thereby reducing the time spent and cost of services required to perform DOM operations. This framework ensures that all required modifications for the DOM are done using a two-way data binding.


Angular.JS is considered the most popular framework, and for good reasons. It is used specifically for front-end development, although unlike many other front-end platforms, it utilizes only one-way data binding. Angular.JS is used in the development of applications for processing large data. Apart from the high processing power of this framework, the organizational capacity is also quite impressive. Examples of companies using Angular.JS include Intel, Mailgun, bitly, and so on.


Node.JS is perhaps the most preferred framework on the market today. This framework is quite old but it still contains all the requirements for running a JavaScript program successfully. You can use the framework with different platforms, and the installation and execution are a breeze. Many web developers prefer it to other frameworks because of the low number of servers hosting the various applications and the fast loading pages. Although learning about Node.JS and how to use it may be quite a bit of work, once you understand the framework, you will find it very functional. Some of the companies that utilize Node.JS include Uber, Netflix, Paypal, eBay and so on.


The Vue.JS is an open source JavaScript framework that is used for building user interfaces. Vue.JS can be integrated easily to projects using JavaScript libraries because Vue.JS is designed to be adaptable incrementally. Vue.JS is a very recent framework that uses a template syntax that is HTML-based. It allows you to bind the rendered DOM to the Vue instance’s data. Examples of companies that have trusted Vue.JS include Alibaba, Gitlab, Grammarly, Euronews, and so on.

Factors to consider before choosing a Framework

Time and cost efficiency

The most significant advantage of using JavaScript frameworks is to remove the instances where you have to repeat codes, thereby reducing time and money spent on your projects. It is therefore vital that you choose a framework that is very efficient, so as to maximize the advantage of reducing time and cost.

Size and Duration of your project

Other considerations you need to make are the size, dependency, and duration of your project. Different projects have different framework requirements, so it is essential that you figure out the details of your project so that you would be able to get the perfect framework for the project.

One thing that is sure to happen is a continued increase in the growth of web development around the world, especially in a place like Florida with the number of tech companies increasing every year. Using a JavaScript framework is quite understandable for any web developer because it improves the efficiency of your project. There are many frameworks on the market today and choosing one may be quite tricky. If you are having trouble making a decision on what framework to use for your company, just contact us and we will help you make your decision depending on the various details of your project.