The multitude of IT-services your company requires is temporary or very specific, although repeating from time to time. Entrusting such tasks to pros that specialize in them helps to achieve the best quality and save your company a lot of time.

The other is the situation when you need to fulfill some additional tasks without a significant budget increase.

Keenly understanding your challenges, we aim to deliver maximum flexibility and convenience of contracting the US-based company for the companies seeking credible outstaffing and outsourcing options.
When are extended team members the most viable option?

Expanding your team with outstaffed members could help you to successfully fulfill a vast range of tasks:

  • Attract profile specialists for the specific tasks
  • Allow fast project scaling using the minimum time
  • Develop new products and features without overloading the in-house team
  • Fulfill new tasks without the unbearable budget increase
  • Fixing unpredictable situations caused by voluntary employee turnover
  • Reduce project costs without compromising on the quality of work
We have been building software solutions from scratch while working with these projects
What positions could be occupied by our professionals?

We can provide you with the services of talented and trusted project managers, software engineers, systems analysts, web developers, software testers and technical support specialists. Our company does its very best to ensure the most productive cooperation between your team and the extended team members.

How it works

We follow a standardized procedure of candidate selection that ensures a quick and efficient staffing, according to the needs of our clients. It requires your involvement at some stages, minimized as much as possible:

  1. You set your goals and define which positions you want to outsource
  2. Our coordinating team selects and offers you the most suitable candidates based on your requirements
  3. You approve the proposed candidates
  4. Onboarding and integration of your new team members
  5. On-demand engagement of additional specialists depending on the new project challenges, expansion or any other reasons
Our approach

We always handpick candidates of developers and other IT-specialists not only on their hard skill criteria, but those who will be better suited to the culture and working methodologies of our clients.

We’re here to help you to achieve your goals and deliver maximum transparency. You can be certain that you will stay in control and immune to the problems related to staff recruitment.

Choose the optimal level of engagement according to your goals

We believe that flexibility is the key in today’s IT industry! You’ll be prompted to choose among different options – from hiring dedicated IT specialists that will work only with your project to part-time or per-project engagement types.

Benefits of extending your developers’ team with Viacoding
  • Working with the onshore contractor
  • High level of professionalism at each level of cooperation, from project coordinator to the direct operators
  • Minimization of risks and costs related to the recruitment process
  • Responsibility and support even after the project is deployed