Managed teams are the key to success for the startups that are not staffed with a CTO or CIO positions. This option provides CEOs with the opportunity to fulfill their primary tasks with a minimal diversion to technical issues.

Dedicated teams are also beneficial for the companies that are seeking for cost-effective ways to develop new products or features and do not want to inflate the organizational nomenclature. In addition to more flexibility and opportunity to start earlier, this option also helps companies to cut costs related to the recruitment of members of a whole new engineering unit.

Benefits of managed teams every type of business can get

Having an outsourced team in place could help you to meet a broad spectrum of goals:

  • Developing even the most ambitious project without staff inflation
  • Less distraction of the core engineering team
  • More control over the project costs
  • Increasing project ROI
  • Significant reduction of recruitment and retention costs
  • Achieving more flexibility and scalability
  • Faster time to market
What tasks could be entrusted to outsourced developers team?

In general, each task that does not relate to your core competency could be successfully outsourced given that you’ve chosen a reliable contractor. Companies outsource a wide range of projects, from mobile app development to QA testing.

Our developers work on:

  • Mobile Development
  • E-commerce
  • Web Platforms
  • Quality Assurance
  • UX And UI Design
  • Data Analytics
We have been building dev teams from scratch for these projects
How it works

Negotiations over the project implementation generally have roughly the following scenario:

  1. You decide which functions or tasks you can outsource to improve your business results
  2. We offer you the structure of a dedicated team staffed with specialists having the skill-sets required to do the job
  3. We agree on the pricing model and calculate the project cost
  4. We agree on functions, operating procedures and the division of responsibilities between the in-house and managed teams
  5. After the workload and terms of cooperation are agreed upon, we sign a contract for a required period of time
  6. Finally, the work begins. You get the regular updates on project status and all necessary information on-demand
Our approach

Keeping the deadlines is our creed. We organize projects in a way that always allows you to have the access to all necessary information and full control over the work progress.

You can be sure that engineers selected to fulfill the tasks in your project have strong expertise in the required fields and fully embrace your goals, expectations, and objectives.

Choose the most suitable payment model

Depending on the project lifecycle and its specificities, we can agree on “time and material” or “fixed-price” payment model and switch it when this is found to be relevant for the project. You can get a dedicated team for the demanding projects that will successfully complement your in-house IT-department in the long run. For the service and brick-and-mortar companies, we can provide a full-scale outsourced IT-departments that will make valuable contribution to the market success of our clients.

Benefits of choosing Viacoding
  • Working with the onshore contractor
  • High level of professionalism and accountability of our project managers and engineers
  • A thoughtful approach to meeting our commitments
  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness